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I needed a ajax navigation for my website http://podzic.com
I tryed other ajax navigation plugins but none of theme did what i needed or was incomplet. Some are slow, some do not work with form. All didn’t work with Google analytics. On others plugins, they missed a way to add javascript function before and after page loading to make other jQuery plugins still working.

I did add a preload page on link hover. This way, page preload on mouse over and before the user know it. the page is already loaded right after the click.

I also did add a nice looking progress bar on page load at the top a la Android and a css3 animated loading cirle in the center.

Zajax is a WordPress plugin who add ajax navigation to your WordPress website. One of the strong and unique advantage from using Zajax, is the page preloading feature on mouse hover, Some page will load on a blink of an eye. It will wait 100 millisecond on mouse hover before preloading the page to not overload your server.
Demo with full features: http://podzic.com/
Demo 2 with full features: http://reveilletoi.com/

Zajax product page
Zajax free version demo on WordPress

  • Fast pages loading.
  • Preload page on mouse hover to load faster when user click on the link.
  • Reload multiple sections outside the main section by ID or Class. (Menu, footer, sidebar, Ads, Google Ads). by just providing the ID/CLASS with #/. as prefix.
  • Choose the section you want to load in ajax (ID or Class), by just providing the ID/CLASS with #/. as prefix.
  • Work with search form, just providing the ID/CLASS with #/. as prefix in Search form TAG. (Multiple searchs forms too)
  • All form will work, comments, Contact page ect.
  • Fade In, Fade out transition.
  • Loading bar at the top and a loading circle in the center. (Look like mobile loading from Android).
  • Work with music player who are external to the loading main section. (Music will continue to play).
  • Back button for mobile or desktop option. (It will look like a real app on mobile if you have a responsive website).
  • Ignore list and reload list. If you had problems with others Ajax navigation plugins before, it may be because some javascripts are called twice or behavior strangely try to stop reloading javascript who may be in the body to not be called each time you load a page. EX: filename1.js,filename2.js The javascript reload list is for reloading javascripts who don’t seem to load well with ajax navigation.
  • Spécial option for Masonry. Masonry plugins or themes may pose some problems, add find the ID or Class of the masonry section.
  • Insert javascript or jQuery codes in the Zajax setting on ajax send. It trigger just before ajax page loading ( you can use the jQuery sign $ ) EX: $(‘#loading’).show().
  •  Insert javascript or jQuery codes in the Zajax setting on ajax complete. It trigger at the end of ajax page loading ( you can use the jQuery sign $ ) EX: $(‘#loading’).hide().
  •  Choose the color of the load cicle and bar to fit your theme style.

Setting page:

Zajax - Setting page Zajax – Setting page[/caption]

Demo Video:

Zajax Setting Video:


1. Upload the folder Zajax in the zip file to your plugins directory. (‘/wp-content/plugins/’)
2. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.
3. Go to your admin menu, Under Setting, click the link, “Zajax” to go to the Zajax setting page.

Zajax Faq page and codes snippet

Zajax product page

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