Autoblog Google Trends to Worpress News search

Demo site - Autoblog Google Trends to Worpress RSS News
Autoblog Google Trends to Worpress RSS News

Autoblog Google Trends to Worpress RSS News.

G-trends Grab Googles trends hourly and auto post related news from these trends to your WordPress blog every hour, News come from RSS Feed via Google news search, Yahoo news search, Bing news search. G-trends use the WordPress shedule event to update your blog every hour from hourly Google trends. Your website will show News from the most searched keywords on the internet.

Demo Website G-trends


  • **NEW** Choose the RSS parser – Wordress built-in RSS parser or Simple XML parser !
  • News sources: Choose news sources from Google news, Yahoo news, Bing news or chose all of them randomly.
  • Choose the category to post.
  • Add to each post the news source link
  • Add image to the post from RSS Feed if exist
  • Use RSS Feed date or pubDate in your post (Work only with the Simple XML Parser)
  • Enter the numbers of characters in description – i.e. Truncate description (default 500)
  • Enter the numbers of items from the RSS Feed you want to post for each trends from Google (default 1)
  • Stop/Start G-Trends Cron
  • Test G-trends manually


  • Add news every hours the 20 hourly Trends, you can add 1 to 10 post from each trends (it can add up to 20 to 200 post hourly)
  • Check for duplicate. The same post will not be added to your Worpdpress blog twice.
  • Show Google news thumbnail in post.
  • Add tag to each post from Google trends
  • Show news source if desired.
  • Work well with other plugins or Widgets plugins like, Popular post, Recent post ect.
  • To add style to the images in post the class is “gtrend_pic”.
  • Blog update every hours, The action will trigger when someone visits your WordPress website, if the scheduled time has passed (Pseudo Cron)
  • Widget keywords search come from Google trends

G-trends Demo