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For my website Altnews.top i needed a WordPress RSS plugin to show multiple feeds in block like Popurl. I created RSS Feeds News Blocks for my need and wanted to make it available for WordPress blogger.

RSS Feeds News Blocks like Popurls, Alltop, Netvibes. 它使用简码来获取和显示单个和多个RSS订阅RSS Feed解析器插件.

新款报纸 – Huffington Post OR Drudge Repport Style. (新)


查找和播放: 播客, MP3, 或视频MP4, 音频, Youtube频道或YouTube用户的视频 (演示)
显示RSS提要,无论你想使用简码, 包括文本控件
简单, 轻量级, 和快速
设置缓存时间 (在几秒钟内)
响应为手机和平板电脑. 之间进行选择 1 至 6 列宽
翻译准备 (英语, 法语). 请在这里分享自己的翻译
Show images description
Display the RSS feed title and show description and image on hover like Popurls, Alltop, Netvibes, Theweblist
PLUS buttons to show or hide the descriptions and images with a beautifull animation Find and play Youtube video, mp4, .ogg and many others HTML5 videos in enclosure or in the description
Find and play Audio files, mp3, .ogg and many others audio files in enclosure or in the description
Use the HTML5 Video player PLYR
Show Youtube channel, Youtube user video, find and play Vimeo video
Find and show RSS Favicons and Icons. Cache the Favicons url for faster loading
Aggregate multiple feeds into one list
Hide RSS broken image Show full feed if data content exist in the RSS Feed
Merge multiples feeds in one: 演示
Live Demo:

Altnews.top was created with the RSS Feeds News Blocks pro version plugin:

Multiples Demo with shortcodes example

Shortcode Example:

[newsblocks url="HTTPS://fr.sputniknews.com/export/rss2/archive/index.xml,HTTP://feeds.feedburner.com/elise/simplyrecipes,HTTP://feeds.feedburner.com/boingboing/ibag,feeds.bbci.co.uk/sport/0/football/rss.xml,HTTP://feeds.feedburner.com/readwriteweb,HTTP://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/topNews" items="5" max_items="10" excerpt="50" new_window="真正" thumbnail="70" cache="10800" source="真正" columns="3"]


urlThe url of the feed you wish to fetch from. For multiple urls simply use a comma between them.
itemsNumber of items from the feed you wish to fetch (Default: 10)
orderbyOrder the items by date or reverse date (date or date_reverse)
标题 – Whether to display the title or not (true/false, defaults: 真正)
excerpt – 你有多少话要显示的每个项目 (Default: 0 或无限, 使用“无’ 除去摘录)
阅读更多 – 是否显示更多链接或不 (true/false, defaults: 真正)
新窗户 – 无论是打开标题链接,并在新窗口中阅读更多链接 (true/false, defaults: 真正)
缩略图** – 无论你想显示缩略图, 如果是这样, 你想要什么尺寸它是 (真假, defaults: 真正. 插入数会改变大小, 默认: 50)
资源 – 是否显示源或不 (true/false, defaults: 真正)
日期 – 是否显示发布日期或不 (true/false, defaults: 真正)
高速缓存 – How long you want the feed to cache the results in seconds (Default: 43200, (12 hours)). The first loading will be slow but it will be cached for the cache time you setup.
mergeMerge multiple RSS in one. (true/false default: false)
fetchfeedMerge multiple RSS in one. (true/false default: false) More infos below.
blocktitleuse this to enter your own title at the beginning of the feed like: News Press
tooltipShow description in tooltip like Popurls, Alltop, Netvibes *(true or false, defaults: false).


RSS订阅新闻座 3 Column & Tooltips

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  1. Hi inmug

    Please for help use the Ticket system or direct email (In top menu)

    Take the time to read the readme.tx or product page details.

    for style like Huffington post, Pinterest or Drudge use in shortcode option.

    Five different style 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

    ex: newspaper=”1″

    In product page description
    newspaper – Choose between News papers styles (1 2 3 4 5) Huffington style (1) 演示 | Huffington Merged style (1) 演示 | Huffington style (2) 演示 | Style 4 Pinterest: Demo Style (4) | Style 5 Pinterest: Demo Style (5) | Drudge Repport Demo Style (3) ex: newspaper=”3″